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Geoff's Story

G,day there,

 My name is Geoff Farrugia (Geoff will do) and my mission is to help you and others to have more fulfilling and joyful lives by realising how truly special you are.

 I live in Australia with my wife, grown up children, 5 grand children, 2 dogs and a lizard (bearded dragon) named Frank. I have over thirty years experience in education, coaching and training and as a qualified career coach  specialise in helping individuals and couples/partners understand themselves a little better so they can have more joyful and fulfilling lives.

Why I created Improving my Self-esteem

I have always wanted to help people who are ready to listen and learn how they can feel happier and more content in their lives by understanding their personality, values, needs and desires.

Many people go through their lives trying to live up to their parents, bosses or partners standards, values and life choices. These actions deprive the world of a person's own true individuality and the special gifts they can bring to the world which are closest to their heart.

I wanted to change this mindset by reaching out to help more people to understand their true worth and the value they bring to their loved one's and the world they live in.

However, two things held me back.

First, I was uncertain if I could provide enough value to others, and second, I had little understanding of technology.


A 13 year old girl suicided in my home town because of a comment left on her Facebook page


A few days later, I found my friend dead on the hallway floor, knowing he had died, alone with his best gifts trapped inside him.

These tragic events combined with my passion to help others, triggered me to take action and become founder and creator of the Improving my self-esteem website.

Why You Should Read My Blog

The purpose of Improving my self-esteem is to provide you with information, advice, products and services which will enrich your life, personal relationships and career opportunities through self-discovery.

The website is divided into six categories. Four focus on your personal growth and relationships and the remaining two are dedicated to “putting food on the table” and provide information, advice and resources on key aspects of career and money.

The articles provided are intended to provide you with insight into the depth of your potential and the importance of the contributions you make, whether acknowledged or not and the importance of holding onto dreams and aspirations despite adversity during your life journey. I would like to think that each and every one of you who reads pages from my blog will take home something of value which will help you appreciate yourself more and feel better about yourself.

 Always remember, that it does not take brilliance or a truckload of qualifications to succeed in life and career. What it takes is a positive outlook, a willingness to overcome adversity and a strong sense of self which allows you to push boundaries and achieve in ways others would not dream possible. The difference between each and every one of you is your willingness to listen, learn and not try, but take action in areas that are important to you.

Take care, be good to yourself and may your success in life be only limited by the size of your dreams and the esteem that you hold for the most important person in the world, you.


PS: If you have any ideas for articles or want to ask me a question, you can contact me personally at [email protected]
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